What we Offer our English Students!

If you are wondering what you could benefit from in choosing to learn English at the UCT English Language Centre, then read this summary of what you can get out of your booking with us.

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We welcome English students from all over the world to learn English with us – our courses are not for UCT students only!

The UCT English Language Centre:

1. We only have highly qualified and experienced teachers and staff who are committed to ensuring that students reach their language goals. We advise students on the best path for them specifically. Our doors are always open;

2. Our school is filled with students from all over the world (Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Gabon, Congo, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Madagascar, to name only a few). This creates a truly international atmosphere where students not only have the chance to truly practice their English with each other, but learn about new cultures and countries. It is a rich language and cultural learning experience which takes place inside and outside the campus classrooms.

3. We offer a range of English courses including, general English, business English, English for Academic Purposes and exam preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL and FCE*;

4. Our learner-centred approach puts students at the heart of everything we do;

5. There is no extra cost for course books at any stage of your studies with us. If you arrive with us and move through 4 levels of English throughout your time with us, you will receive all those course books as part of your booking;

6. We do not only use one course book. We stock 3 different types of course book to keep things interesting and diverse for students who are with us for longer periods, and for teachers. Course books are changed every term;

7. While students have access to the Hiddingh Hall and other University libraruies at UCT, we have an English library in the school for students who wish to read English books outside of class. These are appropriately pitched at specific levels so you don’t choose something too difficult or too easy for your specific level;

8. We will help you to navigate your study visa or tourist visa application, and will assist if you need to extend visas while you are here in South Africa;

9. We offer our students a diverse, fun and budget friendly social programme which students can choose to participate in or not. We do not charge extra for social programme activities and all commissions that we get offered by external companies and organisations are passed on to our students as a discount;

10. We have a student residence located 5 minutes’ walking distance from our school which offers students comfortable sized rooms all with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen and communal area for socialising and meeting new cultures;

11. We do not accept students under the age of 18, ensuring our students are learning alongside adults only;

12. We do not allow a class to exceed more than 12 students. If a class has more than 12 students, we will split those classes. This also means that if a level has only 1 student, we will not try to force that student into a lower or higher level just to keep costs down – we will run that class with one student (bonus for the student who received private lessons at the cost of normal course rates!);

13. We take student feedback very seriously and openly encourage students to talk to us at all times so that if there are any issues we can immediately address them. We value what our students say, and have, in the past, made some fundamental changes to our policies because of things brought to our attention by students.

*Exam classes such as FCE and TOEFL are subject to availability and demand.

The University of Cape Town:

1. The University of Cape Town is consistently ranked as the premier university in Africa due to its high quality which we uphold at the English Language Centre;

2. We are one of the only Southern African universities with a centre dedicated to teaching English as a Foreign Language which attracts the best in the field of Teaching English as a foreign language;

3. You will be part of our diverse community of international students, as well as have access to all the University of Cape Town’s student sports clubs, societies, events, transport system, etc. You will become a UCT student for the duration of your English course with us;

4. The UCT English Language Centre is located in the magnificent heritage buildings on Hiddingh Campus, in the heart of Cape Town where students are close to restaurants, shops, banks, bars, nightlife, and many other activities;

5. Students have access to the Hiddingh Hall library for quiet study, a state-of-the art Mac computer room, free wi-fi, two small campus restaurants (Fay’s café and The Art Shop), free or reduced rate tickets to any UCT student theatre productions or art galleries;

Join us for as many weeks or months as you wish and become a part of the ELC and University of Cape Town international student family!

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