Students at UCT English Language Centre Launch

Language Travel is more than just about being in a country where you go to school and learn English, and see some of the new sights of your adopted country. It’s about exploring different cultures, being open to meeting new people and trying out your new language as often as you possibly can in a range of different situations outside the classroom. 

Mariana has shared another lovely video with us before she left UCT English Language Centre and Cape Town, one week ago.
She was with us for 6 months and in the video she explains that at the beginning of her trip here she spent a lot of time with other Brazilians in Cape Town, and although she knew it may not possibly be the best way for her to maximize her English learning, she felt shy about speaking English and meeting new people from other countries. 

Slowly her Brazilian friends returned home and Mariana had to find new friends. In doing so, she not only made friends from all over the world and learnt so much about new cultures and nationalities, but her English improved too. 

In spending time with others who were exploring Cape Town, and South Africa, she also got to see Cape Town through the eyes of a local, and she will miss Cape Town and South Africa.

As Mariana so beautifully concludes with a quote, “We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us. (Chester Higgins).”

We hope you have settled back home well, Mariana, and we will miss you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and for being a part of our journey as well!

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