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TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language 

How did I get to be an English teacher at the UCT English Language Centre here in Cape Town? It’s a very convoluted journey …with a happy ending!¬†

At the age of 21, my soul knew what I wanted to do – Teach English¬†anywhere in the world.¬† After university, I did a TEFL course and off I went on my travels…..but then this and that happened…and I got distracted.¬† Next thing I know, I’m 35 and working in an insurance company.¬† HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? At this point, I’d completely forgotten what my younger self knew so categorically!

So I looked back at my career and asked myself three questions: 
What DO I love about my job?
What do I regret NOT doing?
And who do I ADMIRE most in my life? 

And I realised that these are the situations / skills / values / people that I wanted in my life:  Training, coaching, mentoring, working with language (both written and verbal), figuring things out (language is a BIG puzzle), building relationships, people from all over the world, and explaining that in clear language to other people.

After much soul-searching, my brain reminded me that I originally wanted to teach English, and guess what, TEFL fulfills ALL the above criteria.

So I retrained and completed my TEFL course and started working in London gaining experience.   Various travels bring me to Cape Town, where I furthered my teaching resume and now work at the UCT English Language Centre.   

Aren’t I a lucky woman?¬† I work for a top university, UCT, in the best city in the world (officially!), Cape Town,¬† with the best people (teachers and students), in the best job in the world!¬†

If you would like to teach TEFL, check out our website.  Next course runs 13th June!

Happy Teacher Christelle

Happy Teacher Christelle

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