There are so many places in the world to go and learn English. You can go to England, Wales, Ireland, Australia, America, Canada, etc. So, why come to learn English in Cape Town?

Isn’t South Africa an African country where people don’t speak English?

The answer is yes and no.

South Africa is a splendid country and is as diverse as it is big (2 x bigger than the country of France, for example). You can find some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, snowy mountains, deserts and sprawling cities. You can surf and do safari on the same holiday! And while there are still some exceptionally rural areas of South Africa, we also boast some really urban cities. Obviously, the more rural areas will be home to local South Africans that may not speak English, or not very much. On the other hand, English is a lingua franca in South Africa – often used to bridge the linguistic divide between our 11 official languages. And while the old South Africa predominantly used Afrikaans in government and official communications, since 1994 (The Dawn of Democracy), the ANC has promoted English as the main language of government and parliament.

Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa. This means that the National Parliament is situated here. But, our beautiful houses of parliament are not the only reason to come to Cape Town.

Also, coming to Cape Town is more than just about learning English, it is an experience of a lifetime.

Here are a few other great reasons:


We have a really unique city surrounded by Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and Signal Hill. These are all mountains most Capetonians and many visitors frequently hike/ climb up or sit on and watch sunsets and sunrises. And these are not the only mountains we have. The Table Mountain National park is a whole Table Mountain chain of mountains which are home to our incredibly beautiful and rare fynbos (types of plans located only in the Western and Eastern Cape and nowhere else in the world). We also have stunning white, sandy beaches which stretch on forever, sparkling rock pools and lovely tidal pools for easy swimming. 

Lion's Head


If you like animals, then you will love Cape Town. We have whales, penguins, sharks, seals, baboons, dolphins, otters, flamingos, rock hyraxes, hippos, zebra, different antelope and even the Cape leopard. For those interested, you may enjoy looking for and spotting some of our scary venomous snakes (Cape cobra, puff adder, berg adder, boomslang and rinkhals), or large spiders. We also have an array of very special birds – perfect for birding!


Our students are HUGE fans of the V&A Waterfront.  It has lots of shops ranging from the high end brands but also many little shops where you can buy curios and souvenirs to take home to your friends and family.  The Cape Town big wheel is also there for a special treat, as well as lots of restaurants ranging from sushi to KFC!  A number of museums and places also call the Waterfront their home. If you want more information on shopping, click here.

Three excellent reasons why you should you learn English in Cape Town! Next week we’ll give you 5 more reasons about why you should choose Cape Town and ELC for your English language studies.
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