It’s So Much More than Learning English!

Coming to the English Language Centre is an experience of a lifetime. Students tell us that it is so much more than learning English.

Camps Bay Beach

The amazing friendships that students find here at ELC, especially when students join the social programme activities (see more here and here), or organise their own events with fellow students from school, play an important part in improving your English. It’s so much more that learning English!

Muizenburg Beach

By socialising outside of school hours with fellow students, you have the chance to practise your English in the real world. You will need to read a menu and then order your own food at a restaurant, or make conversation with the person sitting next to you. This is the real world and the place where your most authentic opportunity to practise and learn takes place!

But, one of the most beautiful things we have the pleasure of witnessing is the amazing friendships that form between people of all cultures, religions, linguistic backgrounds, male, female, single or with a partner, young and old. The environment of an international English school where people all share one common goal of learning a language serves to unite people and offer them a fantastic opportunity to learn about so much more than just the English language. There is also the added bonus of exploring Cape Town together – and what an adventure that is!  

Boulders Beach

These pictures show our students sharing moments that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. They are the kinds of memories that no one will be able to take away. Most of our students, in their graduation speeches, share with us that they leave Cape Town and ELC as different people. They also say that the experience of being here is so much more valuable than they could ever have imagined. Sometimes we read Whatsapp messages between students on the social group that are so touching and moving, it almost feels like we are reading someone’s diary!

Party Time!

Enjoy the pictures, and we do hope that one day, you will be experience this life-changing adventure. 

You can see a video tribute to our past students here. You could also see more on our YouTube channel

For more information on our courses, or what you will be able to do once you are learning English with us in Cape Town, contact us

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