How Much does our Social Programme Cost?

Our student come for our excellent classes but they leave raving about the friends that they have met and the fun that they had on our social programme. Here we discuss the costs of the Social Programme at UCT's English Language Centre.

Daiani's review of our Social Programme

Our students tell us that the reason they come to ELC is because of our superb reputation for teaching (see our reviews) but what they remember most are the friends that they make here.  If you want to know WHY the Social Programme is important, read here. In a nutshell, it is vital to improve your English, especially listening and speaking. And while you are practising your listening and speaking, you are also learning about different cultures from all around the world. 

We understand that students come to Cape Town with different budgets so here are some examples of the costs to you of the social programme.  It is  run by a UCT student, at the moment, Antony, and he plans 2 or 3 activities a week.  These can range from free, like a hike up Lion’s Head, to the very special, like a boat tour.  

We worked out that for the month of June, the average was R139, which is a bargain given how much you get out of it

Here are some examples of what we did this month:

  • The cheapest was a visit to a brilliant market at the Waterfront which cost nothing.
  • The most expensive was an amazing sunset boat tour for R250, which the students absolutely loved.
Sunset Boat Tour
  • This month we also went for a superb steak at a restaurant for R119 (plus your drinks);
  • and Go-Karting for R160 (see the video).
  • Cycling on the Sea Point is also always a favourite and it cost R70 per hour. 
Cycling at Sunset on our Social Programme

Sometimes the activities are weather dependent and in the summer we tend to do a lot more hiking and outdoor activities.

Lion''s Head in March 2018

To see more of our various activities, see our website or social media. 

Join us by booking your course. 

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