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Our wonderful student, Alessandra from Italy, left to return home a few weeks ago. We asked her to share her experience of Cape Town and this is what she wrote:

Cape Town wasn’t just a holiday or a study program. It was more than this and only if you’re already been there you can understand something impossible to describe with words.

I wasn’t sure to what expect from this experience, but it was clear that it was going to be a “life changing” one.
It was.

The time that I spent there really changed myself and my mind, I’ve grown so much just being surrounded by so many different people and culture, in a city that can really show and teach you the meaning of diversity.

Cape Town is different. Even if is called “the South African Bubble” (as it doesn’t show the reality of the country) you can feel how this city can be everything. One day you can relax in front of the Atlantic ocean, watching people surf, and the other day you can enjoy the view of the city after climbing Table Mountain. You can see lions and giraffes in a safari or swimming whit penguins in the south cost.

This city can be everything you want.

But the thing that I will never forget about my journey is the people that I met there, that suddenly became friends and adventure mates. I’ve learned so much thanks to them and to my teachers that made me improve in a way I believed impossible for just 7 weeks course. ELC made this possible and I will be grateful for this.

Now that everything is ended, I will keep all the laughs, moments and the great memories as a treasure, as I know that no experiences worldwide will be like this one in Cape Town.

It gave me everything I needed even if I had to go on the other side of the world to find it.

Thank you, Alessandra, for your kind words and sharing your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town again one day.
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