Diana, one of our students, made some amazing friends here in Cape Town
Diana from Colombia, an Advanced student here at ELC, tells us about her lengthy stay in Cape Town, where she formed some deep friendships with classmates and others around Cape Town. 

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Diana Rodríguez, I am from Bogotá, Colombia.

What do you do back home? (student, working, etc.)

I am financial engineer.

What is your dream/life goal for the future?

I would like to have my own business.

What is your favourite restaurant/bar/activity/coffee shop/place to go in Cape Town?

It is so hard to choose only one, I really love Cafe Colombia because it remembers me my home. I love Table Mountain, Lion’s Head…Cape Point…the whole city is amazing.

How did you get to school in the morning, and back home?

In the morning by taxi, and back home by Jammie bus.

What did you do on the weekend?

Hiking, or I used to go to the beach.

What is the best thing about Cape Town?

I love the landscapes and the freedom that I can have here.

Were you nervous about coming to Cape Town?

Yes, it was my first long trip. But it was the smartest decision I ever made.

If yes, what were you nervous about specifically?

I was nervous about my English, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to communicate myself properly.

What was the most difficult thing about planning your trip to Cape Town? (visas, the long flight, making a booking at ELC, etc.)

The visa was the most difficult.

What tips would you give students coming to study in Cape Town?

They have to be keen to explore everything. for enjoying Cape Town you only have to say “why not?”

What is one thing students should not forget to pack in their luggage when they come to Cape Town?

Shoes for hiking…and always have good attitude.

Diana, an Advanced Student, making the most of her African experence

Do you think Cape Town is expensive?

Definitely, it is not.

What did you miss most about home?

Taking off my family and friends…I would say the Colombian food, the Latin parties and my local stadium.

How did you keep in touch with family and friends back home?

We use WhatsApp all the time.

Students having fun at ELC
Thanks for your feedback, Diana.  We know that you had a fantastic adventure and you enjoyed your time here as a student at ELC.  We wish you well with your future endeavours. 

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