Students at a UCT Braai, UCT ELC

When I decided to do a three weeks English course after my studies I didn`t have any specific destination in mind. I somehow found the website of UCT ELC and decided spontaneously to go there. Cape Town seemed to have everything – Table Mountain… and stuff 😉

I chose to do 30 hours per week, which in my case meant general English in the morning and Business English in the afternoon. The registration process with UCT ELC was smooth and due to Simon`s nice emails I felt welcome even before having arrived.

After my bumpy 20 hours flight I landed at Cape Town and took a cab to the Student Accommodation of UCT ELC. Taking cabs became quite normal in the next three weeks although I also fell in love with the minibuses – many thanks at this point to three of my fellow UCT ELC classmates for an amazing evening. I even adapted to the local sense of time and schedule. ‘Now now’ or ‘just now’ or just any time in the future – that`s just a matter of definition… 😉

The classes were a perfect combination of grammar, writing, listening and conversation. I especially enjoyed the discussions with people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. In just three weeks I learned more about different African countries, from South Africa to Congo, than in my whole life… I also learnt a lot about South African history and politics, thanks to the flexible UCT ELC teachers in the afternoon. We might have changed the subject slightly, but the decision between learning something about project management or Nelson Mandela was quite easy…
By the way – I even learned some words in Arabic – segrillo?!?

In my rare free time I tried to experience Cape Town as much as possible. The history of the country can still be seen and felt everywhere. I`d recommend just to talk to the people and ask them to share their stories with you. I`m still very inspired by the people here and how they managed to turn their country around in a peaceful way. The beaches are just beautiful and very close. I`d recommend getting a MyCiti Bus card – not that much fun as going by minibus, but still…  The food is also really good. If you are a fan of meat you`ll love Cape Town.

Today is my last day at UCT ELC and I`d like to thank all my teachers and classmates for an amazing experience. I will miss u!!! But I`ll follow you on Whatsapp and the UCT ELC Facebook page !!!!!!!

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