Ladies from ELC on a trip to Namibia

Friends are SO important in your travelling adventure.  Everyone comes to The English Language Centre to improve their English, and, of course, it is very much our focus.  But what students don’t realise is how important the friends at ELC become.  

Experience other cultures 

In this global village of ours, travelling to a different country, can be an amazing experience and certainly, travelling to Cape Town and south Africa is no exception. What students don’t expect though is that in one class, you can have students from 12 different countries. Because of that, you can experience their cultures through them. Although you are only travelling to one country, the world comes to you! You will learn such a lot from the people in your class and you will definitely go home changed for the better! Look at photos here.

A group of ELC Friends

Lots of Practice buddies 

If your classmate or res mate doesn’t speak English, guess what?  You have to practise your English!  Both in and out of the classrooms.  Working on your language outside of the classroom is so important because it gives you an opportunity to revise and use the language you are learning in the classroom.  Your ELC Friends might live with you so you’ve got a homework buddy right there!  For exam preparation, like IELTS, this becomes especially important.

Holiday Friends 

When you’re exploring Cape Town or South Africa, or even Namibia, you will always find someone who wants to go with you. There are so many things that you can do for example, safari, camel riding, visiting the Elephant Sanctuary, watching the cheetahs at the Cheetah reserve, travelling down the Garden Route, looking at the flowers on the West Coast, exploring Cape Point, and checking out the penguins on Boulders Beach.  And that’s only a few of the holidays you could go on! 

Travelling with friends in the Garden route

Improve your Business Skills 

In this global world, irrespective of which country you live in, it is  virtually impossible to deal only with people who speak your language, or come from your country.  The world is a cosmopolitan place. In the world of business, even more so.  Knowing the cultural differences in how different nationalities conduct business and life is vital to making a success of your life and business. For example, our Spanish and German students find it very interesting when we hold a ‘mock’ meeting. Both sides have very different ideas about when that meeting should start! It could also give you contacts around the world, for one day when you own that multi-national corporation 🙂 

Students come wanting to improve their English, and leave raving about the friends they made and the experiences they had.  We’d love to have you with us. For more photos of these adventures, follow us on Instagram @uctEnglish.

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