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Are you bored with your job?  Do you want to change jobs? Have your kids left home?  Do you want to see the world and experience new cultures?  Do you want to give more back to your local community? If so, then the UCT TEFL course will be good for you.  It is a challenging course, but we find that our more ‘mature’ (read – wiser) trainees, who have experienced more of the world, and have already had one or two careers, cope better with the demands of the course.

Benefits of completing this TEFL course

  • International Travel

With a TEFL certificate it is possible to travel to any number of countries around the world.  English-speaking countries like the UK, usually have language schools which host international students from all over the world.  In non-English speaking countries, like China, Vietnam and Colombia, many people want to learn English, for personal and professional reasons.  We have a married couple who have traveled off into the Chinese sun (so to speak) on an adventure. 

You usually need a visa, unless you are an EU citizen. You might require a degree – it depends on the country and institution.  India, for example, sometimes accepts teachers without degrees.

  • Working locally

If you want to change job, but want to stay local, there are many schools closer to home, mostly in the big cities of South Africa, which would welcome reliable and enthusiastic people who want to change their job. There are various local institutions which work with refugees, or local people who need assistance with their literacy and English skills, as well as any number of NGO’s set up to work in this field.  We had a gentleman who completed our TEFL course, after a lengthy career in the nuclear industry, and worked as a volunteer at a local refugee centre. He found it extremely rewarding.

  • Communication skills

Our 120-hour face-to-face TEFL course is a great way to improve your communication skills, as well as your coaching and mentoring skills.   It is a very specific approach to teaching that encourages involvement and learning by doing.  This could be useful in so many ways including giving you the ability to stand in front of an audience. One of our trainees was completing his Masters and wished to improve his communication skills. He left with a whole new view on communication. 

Are you suited to a career in TEFL?

One way to assess whether you might be a good fit, is to look back on your no doubt superb and varied career and think what you enjoyed most.

  • Were they any elements of coaching, or training?
  • Were there times when you had to learn something new and you enjoyed it?
  • Did you enjoy working autonomously with people?
  • Did you enjoy meeting new, and sometimes young people?
  • Do you love the English language?
  • Do you like helping people to improve their communication skills?
  • Or helping people to achieve their goals?

If you’ve nodded your head to any of these questions, and you want to change jobs, and do something unique, our course could be for you.

Find out how to change jobs

So, how do you find out more?  We run 4-week full time course, as well as part-time courses. Feel free to check our UCT TEFL website, or email with any questions you might have.

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