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Most English learners attending a language school face the same problem: there never seems to be enough time! Whether you’ve travelled across the world for a 5 week English course or are taking online classes, learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) can be tricky and time-consuming. The English language is a strange beast with complex rules and weird sounds, but all learners can benefit from the following 3 tips to help speed up the learning process. In no time at all you’ll see improvements, both big and small, in your journey to becoming a fluent English speaker.

Tip #1 Write those new words down in one place

The hardest part of learning English is successfully remembering all of the new vocabulary you’re introduced to on a daily basis. Buy a notebook to record each and every new word you encounter. Having all of your vocabulary in one place will keep you organised and make it easier to check the meaning of a word if you’re struggling to remember. Also include a translation of each word to speed things along.

Tip #2 Use the internet in English

There’s a Google site in just about every language – even Pirate speak! Most students naturally search the internet in their own language, and this can slow down English learning. Using Google in English will help you get used to browsing the internet and looking for information without the help of your native language. Over time it will feel more natural using English on the internet, and you’ll start to improve faster in class.

Tip #3 Record your voice

Correct English pronunciation can take a long time to get right. Some English learners become embarrassed when they mispronounce words, and this can make them hesitant to speak in class or on the street. When you have a few moments at home, record yourself and listen carefully to your own voice. This can help you pick up on the words and sounds which you are struggling with. You could even keep a spoken diary which you can listen to in a few months’ time – you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve improved.

Currently, Luke is teaching the beginner morning classes, advanced conversation class and no afternoon classes so that he can meet his dissertation deadline. Who know, you may find yourself in one of Luke’s classes when you join our language school and discuss these tips with him personally. 


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