UCT English Language Centre Student Residence Accommodation

How to find short-term accommodation for English language students in Cape Town

Are you planning on studying English in Cape Town? The city of Cape Town, otherwise known as the Mother City, is laden with opportunities for new experiences and learning. That is exactly why foreigners flood here to travel and study year round. Your experience in Cape Town will be largely shaped by where you stay and who you stay with.

So what are your options for short-term accommodation in Cape Town?

Student Residence

Your first option is to book accommodation through your school. Find out if your school offers this option. The UCT English Language Centre, for example, provides student accommodation in the city, a stone’s throw away from class. In terms of location, this is unbeatable. Other advantages are that the centre offers ensuite bathroom rooms (i.e. private bathrooms) and you live with other students from the school.

Rooms with desks

Spacious Room with Desk

UCT English language Centre Residence Accommodation

Bedroom with views of Signal Hill

Host Family/Homestay

A second option, also offered by some of the language schools, is to stay with a South African family. Many families have an extra room and host foreign language students on behalf of a language school. This may be less luxurious than a student residence, you may need to share the family bathroom for example, but it will provide the opportunity to make South African friends, engage with local culture and, most importantly, to speak English in an authentic environment.

Your school might arrange host accommodation for you,  alternatively you can contact Student Accommodation Cape Town, an independent agent (info@studentaccommodationcapetown.com) or book through a website like Homestay.com.


Lastly, Airbnb is an option for visitors who would like to make their own accommodation arrangements. There are plenty of Cape Town Airbnb hosts who can be contacted directly on the website and you can make your choice of host based on their profiles and ratings from previous guests. 

If you book accommodation independently, be sure to check on google maps for the traveling distance from ‚Äėhome‚Äô to your school as well as the public transport options.

Check out Google Maps to find out the distance to UCT English Language Centre.

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