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While reading might not be everyone's cup of tea, everyone will agree that reading can play a fundamental role in helping students to learn or improve their skills in English. Our teachers have put together a task team and developed our very own student library.

School Library | UCT English Language Centre

We live in a digital age where almost everything is accessible at the tip of our fingers, on Google or our many social media platforms. With everything available to us so easily on our phones or computers, what would the benefit in a Library be?

Not everyone enjoys reading, and those that do, may prefer digital forms to the old fashioned paper versions. However, teachers of any language will tell you that reading is one of the most important ways a student can improve their language skills outside the classroom. Inside the classroom you will be taught how to deal with different types of texts (in other words, how to read different things such as a short newspaper article versus a novel), but the actual practice will be up to you as the student. We would like to offer the service of a library to our students because we genuinely take an interest in promoting our students learning and their success.

After much work, dedication, planning and sourcing books, our teachers will be launching ELC’s very own student library.

It’s not quite going to be able to replace the Hiddingh Hall Library, with its ample space, beautiful architecture, books for days, Apple computers, comfortable chairs, large wooden tables, comfortable and quiet space, etc. etc. (which all the English Language Centre students have access to anyway). Our school library will be a book case filled with books which have been categorised according to student level. This means that a student at an intermediate level will be able to select from a range of books (novels) very clearly for his/her level without having to wade through books and reading the back cover or the first couple of pages to see if the book is going to be written in language that is too easy or too difficult for them.

In addition, it means students will be able to read English books without having to pay for them. This may be especially important for students who are on a budget, or those who don’t really like reading and would be less motivated to read if they had to go out and find a book in English and then pay for it.

It also means, with a more restricted number of options available to choose from because they are divided into levels, students may end up choosing something to read they would not normally choose, even in their own language. And who knows, it might be the start of a whole new interest for a student. For example, someone may typically choose to read crime novels in their own language, but have now read all the available crime novels in English at their level. They decide to pick a travel documentary, or class and discover that actually, this is a very interesting and new genre that they may explore further.

We look forward to seeing our students take advantage of the school library to improve their English language skills in any way possible. The teachers and staff will always be around to guide and assist you in picking something appropriate and we wish many hours of enjoyable reading time!

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