Home Away From Home

Moving to a new city, even for a short time, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, not being able to communicate with locals, navigating a town you’ve never been to and coming home to an empty apartment isn’t exactly the experience you are hoping for when you travel abroad. Why not choose to stay with a family to help you make the most of living in an exotic new location?

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Writing Paragraphs

In this blog, I will discuss the structure of a well-written paragraph. By ‘main body paragraphs’ I mean the paragraphs in the middle of the essay, not the introduction or conclusion. First, I’ll talk about writing with the audience in mind. Then we’ll break down a paragraph so that you can see what the structure should be. Finally, I’ll talk about specific language to guide the reader.

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Top 5 things to do this Silly Season in Cape Town

It’s silly season again - that period when there is a higher than usual number of social engagements because  the summer holidays  have begun, the people are happy, the mood is frivolous and it’s time for summer flings and sun-downers! So where should you go to catch up with your friends and spark up new conversations while soaking up this vibe? We have selected a few or our favourite haunts among the myriad wonderful things to do in Cape Town this summer.

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