Our English Language Centre is located within the vibrant Faculty of Humanities, the second largest and most academically diverse faculty at the University of Cape Town.

There are many reasons to learn English. For some, it is about improving career prospects since proficiency in English is a key requirement in today’s global business world. Some view English as a gateway into the best colleges or universities. For others, it is simply about acquiring a new set of language skills and exploring a different culture.

In choosing to learn English at UCT English Language Centre, you will join a community of international students who, like you, have chosen to pursue academic study at Africa’s premier research, teaching and learning institution. UCT is currently one of the few universities with a unit dedicated to teaching English as a Foreign Language in Southern Africa. Our language students benefit from the Centre’s state of the art facilities and from our highly qualified teachers who will help you attain your individual language goals. You will receive ongoing support from UCT’s International Office and our numerous sports clubs, student societies and recreational facilities will keep you busy during the ‘down time’ from your studies. In addition, we offer you the chance to explore our beautiful city and country, to create lasting memories and the opportunity to establish new networks of friends.

If you are considering learning English, you should know that there are few institutions in the world that rival what we offer students at UCT. So, whatever your reasons for wanting to learn or improve your English language skills, I encourage you to make the best possible choice. Choose to study at the UCT English Language Centre.

I wish you every success in your academic journey!

Simon Harrison
UCT English Language Centre Director