The teachers at UCT English Language Centre are all highly qualified and experienced in the field of EFL (English as a Foreign Language). Each teacher has their own specific area of expertise and interest which contributes to the development of our team and ensures that ELC delivers on its promise of teaching at the highest standards of English.

In addition, ELC runs accredited, high-quality TEFL courses (Teaching English as a Foreign language) which offers aspiring English teachers a chance to learn from the best.  These courses are designed, run and facilitated by ELC trainers. When not providing training, TEFL trainers form an integral part of the ELC English teaching team, as well as providing regular CPD (continuous professional development) to ensure all English teachers at ELC maintain high standards.

The staff members are committed to ensuring your experience, from the moment you enquire to study with us until the day you graduate from our school, is a positive one.

Between them, teachers and staff have worked and taught all over the world and all speak at least one additional language to English. This means that not only do we understand the challenges in learning a foreign language first hand, but we are sure someone in the team can assist students if they get stuck with any issues here in Cape Town.