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Teachers and Staff

The teachers and staff who teach for, run and operate the UCT English language Centre are a small, but growing, group of professional and dedicated individuals with experience in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) industry. We are a great team that enjoys working together and sharing knowledge and ideas, and while there is a clear organizational structure in the school, with Simon the Director and Juliette, the Director of Studies, the general atmosphere and dynamic in the school is one of integration and mutual respect.Fridays afternoons are spent in teacher's meeting where student needs, administrative issues, registers, course books and class material are discussed and planning for the upcoming week takes place. Very often, after the teacher's meetings are complete, CPDs (continuous profesisonal development) sessions are run by either Juliette, or a fellow ELC teacher. These sessions are to ensure that teachers remain at the forefront on developments in the profession and to share ideas and provide input for lessons. All our teachers and staff live in Cape Town but have all worked and/or taught abroad.

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