Graduation Armstrong


As we welcome new students every Monday, we also bid sad farewells to students most Fridays. It's bitter sweet as most of them say goodbye to new friends and fond memories, while looking forward to returning home or embarking on the next chapter in life. This gallery shows pictures of the students who were around for their graduation. Some have flights booked and cannot make it, while others choose not to be in the spotlight. If you would like to read about what some of our past (and present) students say about their time at ELC and in Cape Town, you can check out:Bernardo from Brazil: "I'm  Brazilian in Cape Town"Alessandra from Italy: "My language Experience of Cape Town"Ndaambe from Namibia: "Student Focus: Ndaambe from Namibia"Christian from DR Congo: "Why I Chose UCT English Language Centre: A Review"Mariana from Brazil: "My Cape Town Language Travel Experience" and "Mariana Costa is Loving Cape Town"Francesca from Italy: "An Italian Thank You from Francesca"Pam from The Netherlands: "Pam Augustijn's Goodbye Letter to Cape Town"Our students teach us everyday that you can achieve what you want if you work hard for it. We teach English at UCT ELC, and our jobs are only possible because of the decision of each and every student to trust us to help them achieve their dreams and goals with regards to learning English in Cape Town. We hope that we are achieving our goals! Thank you for choosing to do your English course with us at the UCT English Language Centre. 

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The New Student Residence


The UCT English Language Centre offers a range of accommodation options for English language students in Cape Town. We have a student residence located 5 minutes' walk from the school, and homestay, hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. can be arranged.

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School Outings | UCT English Language Centre

School & Class Outings

Every now and then we spontaneously decide to go on school outings. Generally, these outings will take place in the mornings and all students, teachers and staff are invited to join in - but is is not mandatory for students and this does not affect their class attendance. Our outings will be dependent on the time of year, weather and day of the week. As Fridays are usually morning classes only, and afternoons are spent by teachers and staff in meetings and CPDs (Continuous Professional Development), outings will be shorter, whereas mid week outings can include a full a lunch and arrival back at school in the mid afternoon.Some past outings have included a trip to Simon's Town (read more about that trip here) with a visit to the Simon's Town museum, as well as a walk on Boulders Beach with the infamous African penguins, and a wonderful lazy lunch of Fish and Chips at the Kalk Bay Harbour. More recently we decided to take a bus to the Noon Gun and learn all about the daily midday blast that reminds all Cape Townians and vistors that it is 12 o'clock midday exactly! The  we decided to take it easy, lay out some blankets, snack on a picnic and just soak in the views and the time together as a large school group.

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