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9 Reasons to Choose us

UCT is consistently ranked as the premier university in Africa.

UCT's is ranked highly due to the quality of its research output and its international outlook - it was recently ranked number 39 in the Times Higher Education list of the top 200 most international universities.

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We are one of the only Southern African universities with a centre dedicated to teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The English Language Centre was founded in 2015, and is part of the Faculty of Humanities.  As a university department which that is committed exclusively to teaching English as a Foreign Language, we are unique in South Africa.

Our qualified and experienced teachers are committed to ensuring that you reach your language goals.

Our teachers all hold EFL teaching qualification and have extensive experience in a rage of educational settings.  We encourage our teachers to develop their own specific area of expertise and interest, which contributes to the development of our team and ensures that ELC delivers a high quality learning experience.

We have a wide range of English courses to choose from.

As well as General English at six levels, we also offer a Collaborative Online Learning programmes, IELTS preparation, Business English and English for Academic Purposes.  As a University language centre, we specialise in training students for university admission. 

Cape Town is a stunningly beautiful, vibrant and welcoming city that attracts thousands of international students and millions of tourists

With it's dramatic mountain backdrop, beautiful beaches, vibrant cultural scene and laid back pace of life, it is no surprise that Cape Town is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

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You will be part of our diverse community of international students.

There are over 5000 international students at UCT from 150 countries in Africa and around the world.  UCT's mission is to act as a meeting point between Africa and the rest of the world, and to promote distinctive African scholarship.

Our learner-centred approach puts students at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach recognises that different people learn in different ways, and that the role of the teacher is to facilitate the learning process according to your individual abilities, interests and learning style.  We also want to enable you to be autonomous learners and take responsibility for your own learning.

The UCT English Language Centre is located in the magnificent heritage buildings on Hiddingh Campus, in the heart of Cape Town.

Hiddingh Campus contains some of the oldest educational buildings in South Africa and is famed for its history and architecture.  As home to the departments of Drama and Fine Art, Hiddingh is a hub of flair and creativity.

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Our dedicated support team will help you to navigate your visa application with ease.

For those students that need a visa to travel to South Africa the process can be daunting.  Our experienced team are on hand to guide and support you in your visa application.

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