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UCT Open Day 2017

The UCT Open Day will be taking place tomorrow, 22 April 2017, and ELC will be there to showcase our English courses and TEFL training. Read here about what you can expect on the day annd download the full programme. We look forward to meeting you there!

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L1 Interference | Teaching English as a Foreign Language | UCT ELC

Dealing with L1 Interference: Farsi

L1 interference is basically the degree to which a learner's native tongue is starting to intervene in the learning of English (or any other language for that matter). Teacher Christelle shares with us a 'cheat sheet' for teaching Farsi speakers, and reveals that going that extra mile for a student not only helps the teacher understand what the issues are, but can greatly improve student confidence!

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Classroom Fun | UCT English Language Centre

Classroom Fun

Learning English in a classroom does not only consist of serious, hard work and grammar exercises with one sided teacher dialogues. Fun plays a very serious part in learning too! Find out more here.

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TEFL course

TEFL, CELTA, DELTA…? What to look for in a TEFL course

If you decide to train to be an English as a Foreign Language teacher, choosing the right course is an important first step. But with so many different courses out there, you can soon find yourself drowning in a sea of acronyms! In this interview, Simon and Juliette explain some of the the different courses available, what to look for - and what to avoid.

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