The staff members and teachers at UCT English Language Centre are all highly qualified and experienced in the field of EFL. Staff members all come from a background in teaching English. Not only are teachers highly qualified in teaching English as a foreign language, but specific areas of expertise and interest contribute to ensuring our team delivers on its promise of teaching the highest standards of English.

Between us, we have worked and taught all over the world and all speak at least one additional language to English. This means that not only do we understand  your challenges in learning a foreign language first hand, but we are sure someone in the team can assist you if you get stuck with any issues here in Cape Town.

UCT English Language Centre Staff Members
UCT English Language Centre Staff Members
  • Simon Harrison - Principal UCT English language Centre

    Simon Harrison

    Principal and Head of Unit MA, DELTA, BA (Hons), CELTA Areas of interest: Systems of collocation; prosodic features of speech; IELTS training; business development in ELT.

    Simon has worked in ELT for 15 years in the UK, Spain and Brazil, before joining UCT in 2014.

  • anguage Centre| Juliette Hartmann | Director of Studies

    Juliette Hartmann

    Director of Studies MA TESOL, Dip TESOL, Delta, Cert TEFL Areas of interest: Teacher training; teacher coaching; experiential learning; time limit anxiety in Language Learning.

    Juliette worked in ELT for over 20 years as a teacher and teacher trainer in private language schools, Helderberg College and the University of Stellenbosch before joining ELC as Director of Studies.

  • UCT English Language Centre | Teacher Christelle

    Christelle van Niekerk

    Teacher, Social Media Manager Delta, BA (Hons), Trinity CertTESOL Areas of interest: Discourse in written production; lexical systems; developing learner autonomy.

    Christelle moved from a career in chartered insurance into ELT in 2012. She has taught in London, Manchester and Cape Town, joining ELC in 2015.

  • UCT English Language Centre |Kirsty Cunnington | Teacher

    Kirsty Cunnington

    Teacher M.Ed (current), PGCE, ADTLLS, BA (Hons), CELTA Areas of interest: Identity, literacy and ELT; English as an International Language; voice in L2 writing.

    Kirsty has taught both English language and literacy skills in a variety of settings in the UK and South Africa over the last 12 years.

  • UCT English Language Centre | Liam Reid | Teacher

    Liam Reid

    Teacher BA, CELTA Areas of interest: Task-based learning; engagement in the language classroom.

    Liam’s career trajectory has taken him to ELT via marketing, journalism and project management. Among other things, his sense of adventure has taken him sailing the Atlantic and travelling through Southern Europe.

  • UCT English Language Centre |Alex Abdellah | Teacher

    Alex Abdellah

    Teacher BA (Hons), Delta, CELTA Areas of interest: Motivation in ELT; metacognitive learning strategies; lexical retention and recall.

    Since training in Oxford, Alex has worked in a range of teaching, teacher training and ELT management positions in Cape Town and the UK.

  • UCT English Language Centre |Catherine Scott | Teacher

    Catherine Scott

    Teacher BSocSc (Hons), TEFL Areas of Interest: English for Academic Purposes; Digital Story Telling as a tool for teaching and learning in ELT.

    Catherine has worked in Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) and EFL since 2003 in South Africa and Spain. She ran EFL, EAP and TEFL courses at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) before joining ELC.

  • UCT English Language Centre |Kirsten Colquhoun |Teacher

    Kirsten Colquhoun

    Teacher MPhil (Cantab), Delta, BSocSc, TEFL Areas of interest: Teacher training; teaching for exams; EAP.

    Kirsten has taught EFL in various countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2003. She is also a teacher trainer, materials writer and blogger.

  • UCT English Language Centre | Nobesuthu Xeketwana

    Nobesuthu Xeketwana

    Teacher BA, PGCE, Cert TESOL. Areas of interest: Teaching low level learners

    Nobesuthu (Affectionately known as Nobs) taught at the University of Witwatersrand, and then University of Stellenbosch before joining ELC in March 2016.

  • Luke Arnold | Teacher UCT English Language Centre

    Luke Arnold

    Teacher M.Ed (current), BA (Hons), CELTA Areas of interest: Adult education, academic literacy, technology and teaching, social literacies, English literature

    After living with his family in the Middle-East for years, Luke returned to South Africa to study and now calls Cape Town ‘home’. He has worked as a corporate comic-book writer, business textbook editor and online English teacher before finding his feet as an EFL teacher.